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No UEFA Champions League games scheduled today.

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One of Europe's grandest festivals in sports is the Champions League. The tournament sees top guns from all over Europe fighting for the trophy each year. High-octane football and varied tactics are a given in the Champions League. 


As of now, the group stage features 32 teams in total divided into eight groups of four. Each club meets the other three clubs with the division twice in a round-robin format. The top two teams in each group pass to the next stage last-16. This stage and all the coming stages form the knockout phase. The current season final will be played at the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

Frequent winners

Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Barcelona are the clubs with at least five Champions League wins. Madrid has been consistent since the birth of the millennium. They have won a total of 13 trophies. Spain, England and Italy are the highest contributors by nations. Legends like Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Ronaldo, Johan Cruyff and Ronaldinho have warmed the turfs with their boots to compete in this tournament. 

Trophy of the highest calibre

Champions League trophy is a symbol of the highest achievement in football. Though each nation has its domestic league, a club’s proficiency is measured by its Champions League performance. For example, the defending English champions Manchester City were defeated by Chelsea in the Champions League final. This brought immense praise to Tuchel and his men, more than Guardiola got for triumphing in the league.

ESL – a coup

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and Juventus president Andrea Agnelli announced that twelve clubs will break away from the Champions League and create a new European Super League. The clubs in contention were Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan. The format of the proposed league shocked fans and critics and hinted at a football monopoly. Fans of Manchester United got to the streets and crowded inside the field before a Liverpool game. In few days, all the clubs withdrew one by one suddenly.

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