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Word spreads across oceans rapidly. Culture doesn't, a whole generation enjoys something before it even spreads to the nearby country. So it is fair that football, or "soccer", took a few generations getting across the Atlantic. The 1994 World Cup is the turning point US' soccer history. As a trade-off for conducting the World Cup, the US Soccer promised FIFA to start a top tier soccer league.

 Major League Professional Soccer, which was there even before this agreement was made the Division I league in 1993. Its official journey started as Major League Soccer in 1995. Major League Soccer didn't have instant success. Two of the inaugural teams were folded due to heavy loss in the first few years.


As of 2021, the league consists of 27 teams, 24 from US and 3 from Canada. By 2023, two more teams will be added to the league. The league is divided into two conferences, eastern and western. A total of 14 teams are present in the Eastern conference and 13 teams are present in the West. Charlotte FC and St. Louis City SC are the future teams which will join the league. Unlike other soccer leagues, MLS have a fixed membership and doesn't work on a promotion-relegation basis.


Success of United States men's and women's soccer is one of the key reasons for MLS' upsurgence. International players like Christian Pulisic add weight to the idea of MLS. Even, the former Barcelona star Lionel Messi expressed his wish to join MLS last year before he made his move to PSG. LA Galaxy is historically the most triumphant side in the league's history with five cups.

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