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Words aren’t enough to encapsulate the game in its true sense. From witchcraft in Africa to Paul the Octopus in Germany, superstitions run wild in varying degrees. Unrepeatable moments have happened in the 130 yards, throughout the few seconds of human history on earth. Faultless goals, unique playmaking, precise tackles and mouth-watering action keeps the fans on their edge of the seats for ninety minutes.

Football, as we see now, has undergone some distinctive changes since its inception. The offside rule was unique to each place. The Scots played a crucial role in reducing the three-player to a two-player offside rule. They also stressed the importance of passing, which was a result of the offside rule change.  

Once seven forwards were playing in the front while only two were in the defence line, including the goalkeeper. The pyramid is inverted gradually. Football spread to wherever the British went for trade, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. Europe is the hotspot and the league games are followed religiously throughout the globe.

European leagues

English Football League, the precursor to EPL, shaped British football since 1888 in the early days. Unlike tennis, discrimination wasn’t a part of the field in football. The Scottish club Queen’s Park featured the first black player Andrew Watson in the 1880s. Legendary players like Patrick Viera, Tony Adams, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Dennis Bergkamp and Cristiano Ronaldo have warmed the turfs of England, the latter made a U-turn to Manchester United recently.

Last decade, several records were broken by the Spanish clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Few rivalries as legendary and memorable as El Classico have garnered the chronicles of football. Globalization led to the monstrous development of Laliga.

Naples, Milan and Turin are the hotspots of Italian football. The Milanian rivals, AC Milan and Inter, ruled Serie A till the end of the last millennium. The capital clubs, Lazio and Roma, stir some delicate issues regarding politics.

Germany is not just famous for its cars. The Rhine River residents form the tactical powerhouse of the internet era. Next to English Premier League, the most sought-after league for its action is Bundesliga. German managers like Jurgen Klopp, Julian Nagelsmann, Hansi Flick and Thomas Tuchel dictate the aesthetic and performance attributes in the chess of the green pitch.

Chaffed as the farmer’s league, Ligue 1 is gaining ranks among its peers. Still, PSG dominates the league. But exposure has doubled. Lionel Messi’s move to PSG created a buzz and the cash flow is expected to increase. Other leagues suck the creative juice out of the French veins.


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