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No German Bundesliga games scheduled today.

Bundesliga Live Stream Online

Bundesliga is where seventeen clubs try to beat Bayern Munich. Though sarcastic, this has been the case for almost a decade and the Bavarians show no signs of slowing down. However, the infamous Bavarians didn’t have it easy during the early years. Their proposal to qualify for the 1963 and first Bundesliga season was rejected. But they were quick to catch up, qualified for the season in 1965 and have beaten every obstacle on their way ever since. 

Bundesliga Format

Eighteen teams compete in the Bundesliga each season. The top four sides will qualify for the next season’s Champions League and the fifth and sixth-placed sides qualify for the Europa League and Conference League respectively. Bundesliga works on a promotion-relegation basis along with the second division, 2. Bundesliga. Two teams at the bottom of the table will be relegated. The third-last team of Bundesliga will have a play-off match with the third-placed team of the 2. Bundesliga. 

One peculiar thing about Bundesliga is the 50+1 rule. All the clubs in the league should have at least 50 plus 1 per cent of the shares owned by the fans. If the investors’ stake at the club exceeds 49 per cent, the club won’t be allowed to play. This system has created an organic environment for football fans nowadays, where record-breaking transfers and sales are measurements for success. Red Bull Leipzig is the one club to broke the barrier with a shrewd mentality. However, they are despised in Germany by the fans.

Style of Play

Vertical passing and off-ball movement along with high pace are key elements of German football. Bundesliga is the epitome of those values. Julian Nagelsmann implements tactical dynamism. 


Riverdierby is one of the fiercest rivalries in Europe. Though geographical reasons were the reasons for the initial flare-up, success took it to the next level. Alas! Schalke were relegated last season. Dortmund is left with their two other rivals. 

Borussia derby features Borussia Monchengladbach and Borussia Dortmund. Recently, Marco Rose of Monchengladbach switched sides. The Foals are struggling to keep their heads up without their former coach. 

Bayern Munich is the other rival. Der Klassiker is a recent phenomenon, but the two have been active in the title fight every other season. The energy pyramid of Bundesliga has Bayern at the top, which doesn’t make them immune to the rivalry. Each game between the two titans is a treat to watch with high goals scored.


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